More Profit.

Less Time.

From the showroom to the driveway, Dealflow has you covered. Our first-of-it’s-kind platform allows you to create the quickest, easiest and most secure sales process in the automotive business.

Your Dealership. Your Sales Process.

We understand that you have spent years creating a sales process that works for your dealership. That’s why we designed a platform that fits right into your existing sales process and allows for customization at any time. No more learning and relearning clunky, antiquated software. Dealflow keeps you in control of every part of the process.

Clean Data

Dealflow reviews customer data BEFORE it’s logged into your CRM using one of the largest data providers in the world. So you know you are starting with all the most up-to-date information.



The app constantly checks information for red flags and signs of fraud.


No more hunting for an open desk to work your deal. Now your team can walk through the whole sales process out on the floor or even in the customer’s driveway.

Easy Desking

Accurately calculate deals with features that link directly to lenders. Send the chosen deal straight to your design tool.

Happy Customers

Lose the friction between buyer and seller and turn buyers into long-lasting customers.

The Solution You’ve Been Waiting For.

Reduce Fraud & User Errors

As many as 1 in 5 applications can experience data errors and fraud. Dealflow’s software incorporates ID verification, fraud detection, and automatically compares the data entered with a reliable data resource to ensure accuracy throughout the buying process. 

Feel comfortable that each application has been checked thoroughly for fraud and errors with Dealflow monitoring every deal. Cut down on losses and liability with loan providers and ensure cleaner CRM data.






























Improve F&I Profits & Compliance

Applications can be sent through a verified QR code directly to the buyer. These applications are pre-populated via a driver’s license scan and a financing form. The customer need only to fill in any blanks, verify that all information is correct, and submit.

Verified, accurate data reduces friction between F&I and loan providers, allowing faster turnovers and letting the team do what they do best – move more metal.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Consumers want to know that their personal information is protected. DealFlow allows the customer to work with the dealer from the comfort of their own device, adding convenience and a unified experience for the buyer while securing their private information.

Integrate Dealflow with an existing sales process so every customer interaction with the sales team is efficient, frictionless, and leaves the customer satisfied with their experience.















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